Privacy Policy

The Data Controller is E-GRAPHIC SRL UNIPERSONALE, with registered office in Viale EDISON, 4 – CAMPAGNOLA DI ZEVIO (VR), Tax and VAT code IT01337160236.
The updated list of those in charge and those assigned to data processing is kept in the registered office of the Data Controller.


This privacy policy applies exclusively to the online activities of the site and holds for the visitors/users of the site. It does not apply to the information gathered through channels other than this website. The aim of this privacy circular is to furnish utmost transparency regarding the information gathered and the way it is used.

Types of data processing

  1. Personal data
    e.g., name, surname, corporate name, telephone, e-mail.
  2. Cookies
    For data processing through cookies, please consult the relevant policy (

Data processing aims

The personal data shall be processed by the Controller and Processing Managers for the management of the Controller’s services and the issuance of the services requested (e.g. the users’ request for information).

Processing methods

The Controller adopts the suitable safety methods to prevent unauthorised access, dissemination, change or destruction of Personal Data.

The processing is carried out through IT or telematic instruments and with logics strictly correlated to the objectives indicated hereunder. Besides the Controller, in some cases other personnel may have access to the Data, such as those involved in this Application (administrative staff, system administrators) or external parties (such as suppliers of third-party service technicians, hosting providers, IT companies) and if necessary, also other Data Control Managers appointed by the Data Controller.

Lawful basis for processing

The Controller processes the Data Subject’s personal Data only there is legal basis for doing so, and for at least one of the following reasons:

  • the processing is necessary for the entry into or the performance of steps prior to the entry into contract with the Data Subject;
  • when processing is necessary for the Controller’s compliance with a legal obligation;
  • when processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority invested in the Controller;
  • when processing is necessary for purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the Controller or by a third party.

However, one may always ask the Controller to clarify the lawful basis for each processing, and particularly, request the specification whether the processing is based on the law, provided by a contract, or needed for entry into a contract.

Place of processing

The data gathered on the site are processed at the headquarters of the Data Controller, in the web Hosting data centre, within the European Union.

Conservation period

The Data are processed and kept for the time required for the objectives they were gathered for.

Options and obligations

The data subject, upon inserting his/her own personal data, accepts the processing of the data as expressed in the paragraph, “Objectives.”

Plugin Social Media

As expressed in detail in the cookies circular (, this site incorporates also plugins and/or buttons for the social network, in order to allow an easier sharing of the contents of your favourite social networks. These plugins are programmed in such a way as not to impose any cookie when the page is accessed, to safeguard the privacy of the users. The cookies are imposed, if so provided by the social networks, only when the user makes an effective and voluntary use of the plugin. Please remember that if the user surfs while being logged onto the social network, he/she has already given consent to the use of the cookies conveyed through this site upon subscribing to the social network.
The gathering and use of information obtained through the plugins are governed by the respective privacy circulars of the social networks, that you are asked to refer to.

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Transfer of data in countries outside the EU

The data you have furnished by filling up the form (point a] of the paragraph “Type of data processed”) will be kept within the European Union.
This site may share some of the data given in point b] of the paragraph “Type of data processed,” gathered with services located outside the European Union, for example, with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) through the social plugins and Google Analytics. The transfer is authorised on the basis of a specific decision of the European Union and the Authority for the protection of personal data, particularly resolution 1250/2016, for which no further consent is needed. The aforementioned companies guarantee their own commitment to the Privacy Shield.

Rights of the data subject

The Data Subject may exercise certain rights with reference to the Data processed by the Data Controller. In particular, the Data Subject has the right to:

  1. Object to the processing of his/her own Data. Data Subjects may oppose the processing of their data when it is done on another lawful basis other than what they consented to. Further details of opposition rights are indicated in the section below.
  2. Access his/her own Data. The Data Subject has the right to obtain information on the Data processed by the Controller, on certain aspects of the processing and receive a copy of the processed Data.
  3. Verify and request rectifications. The Data Subject may check the correctness of his/her own Data and request an update or a rectification.
  4. Obtain the restriction of the processing. When certain conditions occur, the Data Subject may request the restriction of the processing of his/her own Data. In such case the Controller shall not process the Data for any other objective if not their conservation.
  5. Obtain the cancellation or erasure of his/her own Persona Data. When certain conditions set in, the Data Subject may request the controller to erase his/her own Data.
  6. Receive his/own Data or have them transferred to another controller. The Data Subject is entitled to receive his/her own Data in a structured format of common use and legible by automatic devices and, where technically feasible, obtain the transfer to another controller without objections. This provision is applicable when the Data are processed with automatized instruments and the processing is based on the Data Subject’s consent, on a contract of which the Data Subject is part or on related contractual measures.
  7. Forwarding of complaints. The Data Subject may forward complaints to the competent data protection Supervisory Authority or act in court.

Procedures for the exercise of rights

In cases where the data are processed on the basis of legitimate interests, the rights of those involved in the processing are however guaranteed, especially the right to oppose the processing which can be exercised by sending a request to the data controller.
You may exercise your rights anytime by sending:

  • A registered letter with return slip to E-GRAPHIC SRL UNIPERSONALE, Viale EDISON, 4 – CAMPAGNOLA DI ZEVIO (VR)
  • an e-mail to the address

Late revision february 07th 2020