e-GRAPHIC, print, design & project

eGRAPHIC, the graphics and printing division of 4 Flying.

We deal with Offset printing Digital printing and solutions for installations

Our Philosophy

We are well aware that every communication project has different characteristics and our mission is to be always ready to take care of its production with the highest quality level.

  • Pursuing the objectives
  • Shaping ideas
  • Maintain high standards
  • Challenge the Limits
  • Arriving Far
  • Looking to the future
  • Ensure continuity

About Us

Since the seventies we have been collaborating with major Italian and international realities, in many sectors, companies and brands that share a strong communicative need, as well as with publishing houses, communication agencies, photographers and designers for which we take care of high quality editorial projects. We are a team of professionals who are passionately dedicated to providing a complete communication service, starting from graphic design and technical consulting, to photography and image processing, prepress, up to digital and offset printing. We support Brands, Companies, Agencies, Publishing Houses at international level, united by a strong communication need for which we take care of high quality projects.

The Team

Faik Cem Ozgur
Simone Totolo
General Manager
Romina Turrini
Financial Manager
Enrico Lenti
Head of Offset Printing Area
Marco Giannachi
Head of Digital Printing Area
Silvano Totolo
Purchasing & Logistics Manager
Davide Ortombina
Sales Account Manager
Paolo Ongaro
Sales Account Manager
Alberto Slobez
Project Manager & Technical Advisor
Cristiano Scattolini
Sales Rappresentative
Nicoletta Carbone
Sales Account Manager
Andrea Andreoli
Production Manager
Alberto Falsarolo
Project Manager
Mattia Borsati
Project Manager
Daniela Foletto
Account Manager
Patrizia Pezzini
Project Manager
Martina Nichilo
Project Manager
Tamara Rossignoli
Purchasing & Logistics Officer
Ezio Guerra
Color Management Specialist
Gabriele Gasparato
Color Management Specialist
Federica D’Amelio
Graphic Designer
Romano Perina
Graphic Designer
Luca Capuano
Graphic Designer
Luca Micheletti
Digital Print Operator
Lisa Galvan
Production Manager
Emanuele Zocca
Digital Print Operator
Fabio Osti
Digital Print Operator
Monica Fazion
Digital Print Operator
Stefano Guida
Offset Print Operator
Andrea Bassi
Offset Print Operator
Luigi Castioni
Offset Print Operator
Cristian Rambaldi
Offset Print Operator