Consulting, printing and graphic set-ups

We create your communication from the graphic design to the technical design of the materials, we realize everything in-house, also taking care of the placement and delivery.

From project to printing and set-up: we have the necessary skills to provide a consulting and design, printing and production service until the placement if necessary. All fueled by a structured workflow to ensure quality, delivery terms and shipments efficient management.

Professionalism and efficiency are our watchwords combined with our experience: we know how to make every communication project successful, supporting the customer throughout the entire path and proposing the best choices, from photography to graphic design, from image processing to file control, until the printing, finishing and delivery.

We are organized for an uncompromising quality: we have been continuously researching on our customers and market’s needs, this has led us to develop new skills in design and in the materials choice for each sector of expertise. Our operator's specialization, our structure size and the use of the most advanced graphic processing software, allow us to guarantee an exceptional image quality and rendering, in order to follow also large volume works and articulated realizations.

These peculiarities allow us to collaborate with publishing houses, communication agencies, photographers and designers and to be chosen by companies and brands with a strong communicative need to take care of their image and to promote their products.

From the idea to the application in 4 steps

Design and Solutions

Our graphic projects lay their foundations on a deep knowledge about realization solutions, which we mix with our deep knowledge in order to realize a modern, functional and attractive communication. This know-how also allows us to accurately predict feasibility, suitable materials, respect for rooms integrity, and a whole requirements series that usually occur in the use of different spaces, everything saving you time and money.
Without ever overshadowing your goals, we know how to best adapt a communication project to the different needs, value on one hand and respect for the spending budget on the other one, which can be indicated by the client. Our choice in customer service is to manage the complete project, from design to installation. This is a responsibility choice to provide the customer with the maximum guarantee that his project will always be followed with the utmost care and punctuality.

1. Study and design

> Study of company's brand and communication needs.
> Evaluation of areas and surfaces available

2. Graphic proposal

> Design and graphic proposals of the areas involving the intervention.
> Concept approval and graphic proposals

3. Consulting and Production

> Materials consulting and selection for the set-up
> Estimating time and costs
> Material production

4. Application

> On-site installation