High Quality Printing

Artworks are made to amaze and touch those who observe them. Here’s our goal: to marvel through a printed book.

A high quality book, like a painting, comes from an idea and follows a path.

Thanks to the experience acquired since 1979, we have specialized in accompanying the client along this path, suggesting the most appropriate choices and guiding him towards the creation of a book with unique features.

4 steps oriented to perfection
and 4 more to reach it

Our method

Experience, competence, creativity, technique and punctuality in delivery are the main characteristics of our service, goals that we achieve because they go through strict and well-monitored work phases. Our experience, combined with innovative technologies, guarantees an exceptional quality result. Through a meticulous printing start and a constant control on the increase of the stochastic screening, we are able to recognize every single variation in colour.

1. Technical and graphic consultancy services

The advice we offer is a distinctive element of our approach. The production, phase of a powerful workflow, allows us to be competitive and to comply with the terms delivery.

2. Colour management

We add value to images by making the contrasts, sharpness and tone balance more realistic and intense, thanks to a deep knowledge of colour-processing software.

3. File management

Each project requires constant monitoring for a regular and lasting quality. Cutting-edge technologies allow us to control printing systems avoiding any errors related to the text or images management.

4. Check PDFs

Through a preliminary verification tools, we can easily identify: low resolution images, incorrect colour spaces, wrong transparencies, overprint problems, correct image colour coverage.

5. Colour proof

For a perfect control over the colour result, we provide ISO certified EPSON colour proofs, tests with digital presses calibrated for multiple sets on the same paper as the final book and loose tests in the machine.

6. Offset printing

The high or low embossed print is designed in agreement with the customer and executed with extreme care. We proceed by providing the blueprints for the approval of the page sequence and the correct flow of the text before printing.

7. Finishing and binding

Processes such as prints cutting, folding and creasing are carried out with the utmost care, to create a book of art of absolute value. We offer unique and timeless print finishing solutions.

8. Delivery

Passion, professionalism and time-keeping delivery are the foundations of our work. We guarantee compliance with planned delivery times and we are able to support delivery all over the world.