Store materials and communication

Every dimension a resource

Companies with sales networks distributed in the territory respond more and more promptly to market demands by locating stores where demand is more dynamic.

The management is often articulated and it undergoes continuous changes, set-ups and POP materials supply.

This organization requires an adequate graphic and technological support to allow the Head Office to manage each individual store.


Enhance store spaces

Our workflow

Our skills, both graphic and technological, definitively solve the critical issues found by the Head Office and stores in the set-up management.

The need to customize stores is getting bigger and bigger. Thanks to our technologies and materials, we are able to produce high quality POP materials with a great visual impact. Our offer is based on a workflow consisting of 8 phases:

1. Graphic and technological consultancy

The graphic competence is part of our background and we can implement campaigns visuals on any space and support. We manage exhibition spaces and campaigns associated with them.

2. Stores mapping

Together with 4 FLYING, we have developed a software that governs stores mapping, displays the exhibition systems, manages the ADV campaigns individually, facilitates and organizes the activities of requesting, printing and shipping of new materials, with order tracking and measurement and control dashboards.

3. Supports choice

Durable exhibitors, paper goods and digital printing are characteristics of this sector. Resistant materials (Forex, Dibond, plastic, wood, metal ...) or non-durable ones(cardboard cutouts) must enhance brand visibility and its distinctive elements. The technical knowledge of various types of supports allows us to properly value the advertising campaign.

4. Multi-format layout

Campaigns communication is spread on different formats and supports in order to engage potential buyers and create a real experience to be remembered even outside the store. The ADV campaigns promoted by the Head Office are then paginated on posters, boards, flyers, window stickers and all other instore display materials.


5. Printing on different materials

Totems, banners, roters, promodesks, islands, rollups, counters and floor displays, dispensers, displays, window stickers, stopper, cardboard cutouts ... The variety of available solutions reflects our ability to transfer the image to any type of support , thanks to the most technological software systems and to a modern machines fleet able to print and carve in large format on any rigid and flexible support.

6. Quality control

Each project requires attention and collaboration between different intermediaries and therefore a constant control for a regular and lasting quality is needed. Cutting-edge quality control technologies allow us to control the printing systems avoiding any errors related to text or images management.

7. Packaging and shipping

After the produced materials’ packaging, in order to complete the service, we offer the shipping to each store. Through our management systems, we can trace every production stage until the placement.

8. On-site placement

Our team is available for on-site placements and stands out for its accuracy in logistics and for the execution speed.