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A strong means of communication

Seventy percent of purchasing decisions are made on impulse at the point of purchase. The challenge takes place on the shelves and packaging design becomes an essential weapon.  It must make an impact in less than three seconds and in that time, it should transmit strong appeal and tell a story.

Packaging is one of the strongest marketing tools. It’s function as simple product protection is outdated, and packaging has been transformed from a simple container to a communication method, capable of distinguishing the product, differentiating it from the competitors, as well as informing the consumer in an effective and immediate way. 

At eGRAPHIC we study the name and create the brand, the structural and graphic project, to develop co-ordinated product lines that are coherent with the positioning of the brand.

Through a specialised graphics service, we cover all the technical and operative aspects of the process, right up to printing.

Thanks to 4PACK, the software develpoed by 4 Flying,  the management of packaging is optimised at all stages.

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