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Digital printing in the fashion industry.

23 January 2019

Tell me how you dress and I'll tell you who you are! There’s no need for many words, that’s a famous statement. Psychology combined with fashion reveals that our personal way of dressing expresses our personality.
What we decide to wear communicates a part of us, a way of being, a passion or an explicit message we want to communicate. The British psychologist Karen Pine states that clothing itself modifies our personal perception. She reports this research: "If you ask a guy with a Superman t-shirt to estimate how much weight he can lift, he will answer with a larger number than a guy who has a regular t-shirt."

When we open the wardrobe and decide how to dress, it’s like if our body was a white sheet to be covered. We choose a style and color combinations as in a graphic project. We use messages and shapes as if they were fonts and geometric figures. We decide to embrace a fashion trend or to send a social message. We choose to boast about wearing the most precious fabric, or we simply decide to communicate our favorite color. We have so many possibilities that we cannot avoid to communicate.

The shoes we decide to wear, for example, in addition to the model type, the pattern or color we buy, they communicate something about us. Footwear and printing industry has understood that, by combining the potential of both sectors, new ideas can be created, satisfying more and more public tastes and desires.

For the same principle, it is possible to print graphic patterns or real pictures on bags such as backpack bags, elegant clutch bags or casual shoppers, but also on a notebooks. There are many possibilities not only in terms of model and functionality, but depending on the final user too. Each one of us needs to communicate in a different way and therefore we need ad hoc patterns.


Bracelets belts and straps bring their style and can be able to transform an essential outfit to a sophisticated one, especially if prints are original, unique and good quality.

Another use of digital printing is on wallpaper. Rooms can be transformed into enchanting and magical places thanks to this application. It is possible to transform house rooms, but also the store walls.

Digital printing is actually a hymn to creativity
, as it leaves free expression to fabrics or accessories designers. Colors and graphic and photographic signs are respected in digital printing thanks to the improvements developed over the last 10 years on impression technologies. Among the quality and productivity assessment parameters, cleanliness and definition of the graphic elements, as well as the fidelity, depth and color stability are evident. This development has been achieved because textile and printing industries have responded to a market need, bringing advantages both from a qualitative and economic point of view.

By using today tools:

  • even complex images on rigid supports can be produced correctly, with high color rendering;
  • any type of fabric can be printed;
  • using digital printing in fashion, it is possible to get high quality accessories and fabrics;
  • today achievements, compared to the past, have a higher resistance to washing and rubbing, and keep decorations shades and details;
  • From an economic point of view, even for small quantities of products, prices are more affordable and have an excellent quality-price index.
  • Made in Italy brands are recognized all over the world for textile products creativity, innovation and craftsmanship. By personalizing its products, any brand, even the youngest, can become a reference point in fashion, and be worn by anyone.

eGRAPHIC, can be your ideal partner to make this dream come true. In fact, the company has all the tools, skills and knowledge to perform this task with professionalism and competitiveness.

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