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History and collecting of the artist's book.

27 February 2019

The Artist's Book is a book-making article directly followed by the artist in every phase and element. Each choice of technique and way of expression has therefore a peculiar communicative function for the purpose of transmitting the message.

Characteristic that makes it unique in the large family of artistic creations is the breaking of the prohibition not to touch the work of art. It has always enjoyed charm and curiosity. Unlike the illustrated books, the work of art is not decoration, but an integral part and protagonist. The artist becomes the total creator of the work and the writer of a history of colors, lines, shapes and meanings.

Born with artists like William Morris with the intention of going beyond the industrial production of the book. The gaze turned towards the Middle Ages, in which the book production had well understood the intrinsic value of the book as an object and its autonomous symbolic value.

Giorgio Maffei is one of the major connoisseurs of the Book of Art, who said that his "field of work is that kind of book that has as its author an artist, capable of manipulating the book object to transform it into a work of art. 'art". Furthermore, Claudia Consolandi recalls that "The artist's book is an atypical book and its value lies not only in the contents, but also in the external aspects of the varied and unusual containers of concepts, shapes, images and words".

In Italy there is little research on contemporary artist books. For this reason it is considered a kind of niche. In other countries of the world, however, first among all the United States, these particular works of art have been studied for decades. Prices, for the works of contemporary artists, vary a lot. It starts from £ 50 for the "sculptural novel" Side by Side by Gilbert & George for € 10.625 for the 7 Variations on the themes proposed for a pure phonetic ideology of Burri, € 20,000 for Thousand Rivers (1977) by Boetti.

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