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Graphic design

Communication increases the space

The term "graphic design" means in general the implementation of a precise marketing strategy first and a creative strategy after. Therefore this term can include the idea of graphic art, notion untied by a mere commercial design.

The human being by nature has the tendency to focus on strong images, unusual details, and he automatically fixes them in its memory.

Spaces characterization therefore becomes an unmissable opportunity to communicate character, identity, ability, and how interesting it can be to communicate using the observer’s emotional memory.

Thanks to experience and creativity, we guide the customer in the personalization of spaces, we transform them into a visual experience that identifies the client in a visceral and indelible way.



From the idea to the application in 4 steps

Design and Solutions

Our graphic projects lay their foundations on a deep knowledge about realization solutions, which we mix with our deep knowledge in order to realize a modern, functional and attractive communication. This know-how also allows us to accurately predict feasibility, suitable materials, respect for rooms integrity, and a whole requirements series that usually occur in the use of different spaces, everything saving you time and money.
Without ever overshadowing your goals, we know how to best adapt a communication project to the different needs, value on one hand and respect for the spending budget on the other one, which can be indicated by the client. Our choice in customer service is to manage the complete project, from design to installation. This is a responsibility choice to provide the customer with the maximum guarantee that his project will always be followed with the utmost care and punctuality.

1. Study and design

> Study of company's brand and communication needs.
> Evaluation of areas and surfaces available

2. Graphic proposal

> Design and graphic proposals of the areas involving the intervention.
> Concept approval and graphic proposals

3. Consulting and Production

> Materials consulting and selection for the set-up
> Estimating time and costs
> Material production

4. Application

> On-site installation

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