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Art Book and High Quality Printing

A good art book certainly contains perfect images, so we must rely on a very high quality print.

Books and art gallery catalogs are products that deserve special care, both in the presentation of images, in the management of colors and the choice of paper.

eGRAPHIC, thanks to its thirty-year experience in the world of printing art books and art art gallery catalogs, provides the maximum support in terms of advice and quality of the result. The customer is assisted by a consultant who suggests the most appropriate choices and guides him towards creating products with unique characteristics.
All processing is based on 8 essential steps:

1. Technical consultancy services
The advice we offer becomes a distinctive element of our way to approach the project.
We help you to give a personality to your book by proposing the right format, choosing the most suitable paper and helping you to build and ennoble the cover, in order to put a face to the soul of your book.
We provide you with an accurate quotation based on the project specifications regarding prepress, printing, binding and shipping, setting the schedule and delivery time in order to meet your deadline.

2. Color management
Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of color: they know the technical difficulties it presents and the right management of color for high quality reproduction.
We add value to the images: emphasising their beauty, making them more realistic, enhancing their contrast, sharpness and tone balance, all thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the software for color treatment.
We also still have professional drum scanners to reproduce originals from slides and sketches.

3. File management
Each project requires constant monitoring for a regular and lasting quality. State-of-the-art technologies allow us to control printing systems avoiding any errors related to the management of text or images.

4. PDF control 

When PDFs are not supplied by you, we can make them from your InDesign file.
Otherwise our preflight PDFs technology can easily identify:

  • low res images
  • incorrect color spaces (RGB/CMYK)
  • missing bleeds
  • troubles with the fonts
  • wrong transparencies
  • issue with the overprint
  • when total ink coverage is too high
  • control of the minimum thickness of the graphics

5. Colore prof
We create PDF files with specific color ISO profiles for every type of paper.
We can provide you not only with ISO certified EPSON proofs, but also with calibrated digital proofs on the final paper of your choice.
We can also supply offset-litho proofs of scatter images.
We also have the tools to provide pdf files suitable for any type of media.

6. Offset printing
We proceed with providing the client with blueprints for approval of the page sequence and the correct text flow before going to print.
The plates will be generated with specific dot characteristics based on the type of paper chosen.
Our experience combined with innovative technologies guarantee printing of outstanding quality for each copy, through meticulous print start, dot gain control and spectrophotometers to ensure the correct power of the colors.

7. Finishing and binding
Our book is now ready to be finished. We will send you one set of F&G sheets to control your project before ending it.
Processes such as cutting, folding, creasing of prints are carried out with the utmost care, to create art books of absolute value.
Solutions such as the application of anti-fingerprint or soft-touch lamination, embossing and debossing effect, spot UV varnish and foil blocking can be provided.

8. Delivery of your extraordinary books
We guarantee you to respect the planned delivery times.
We are able to support you on the delivery of your books all over the world, sending them by airplane, by ship or truck, in accordance with the needs of your warehouse.
Also we can provide shrink-wrapping services, shipping insurance on request and all the required documentation

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